Monday, January 28, 2008

Cakes, Dogs, Party

I decided to make Shawna's Bday cake this year. I bought a book on how to make simple bday cakes with easy ingredients. She picked out one princess cake but it was a bundt style and said it only fed 12 people so I added a 2ND cake that fed another 12 people. It turned out the bundt fed all 24 people!
On Saturday I made a huge sheet cake but dumb me forgot to spray the sides of the pan so part of it stuck and then the center split in half after I took it out of the pan. I called Todd to buy 2 more cake mix boxes. I then made the bundt first, then 2 8x8 square cakes. They came out great. That night I frosted them and decorated them. Walla! perfect. I'll have to edit later to add pics because I don't have the pics yet.
Sunday we went to school for the pancake breakfast and open house. On the way home Todd mentioned this wandering golden retriever that has been out and about since Friday. I said if we saw it again we should take it in and contact the SPCA. On my way to get appetizers I saw him around the corner so I opened my slider door of the mini van and called him. He jumped right in and put his cute huge head next to me. Definitely a missing pet. I drove him to my home. The kids were EXCITED. They thought we'd keep him. NOT. Todd gave him water and food which he gobbled up fast. Rosie was a bit nervous of him but the retriever wanted to play with her bad.

I picked him up a collar since he didn't have one and got my appetizers. Todd called the SPCA. They said no one had called him in as missing but put him down as found in case someone did call. Todd told our neighbor we had a lost dog.

A while later our neighbor came over and said a lady had driven around looking for her Retriever. Apparently around the corner and down the street a lady was moving and her dog kept getting out. Todd went down there on his way to get helium for the balloons and told her where we live. Sammy (the dog) didn't seem all that excited to see her but I did give her a bit of grief for not having a collar (she said he chewed off his last one) and been out since Friday (he just keeps getting out). Whatever. I let her keep the collar. At least he's home. If I catch him out again I might make a huge deal about it. He's the sweetest dog. She needs to take care of him.

We had 9 girls all under the age of 7 over for Shawna's Bday party. Two of Shawna's classmates came as well as my friends kids. They all had fun. I'm glad it's over though! Shawna got cool stuff and wanted it all open at once. That and she was opening presents at lightening speed!

Last night we had dinner with my parents and my brothers wife Jennifer. Jennifer brought over their new Yellow Lab named Belle. She's really sweet but way timid and scared. That's not normal for a 1.5 yr old dog. I'm wondering if she was abused by her previous owner. She did warm up to us eventually but it took a long time.

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