Monday, January 21, 2008


I've been planning a summer boating camping trip with some friends. Emails were going back and forth and the big question was can we do a 4 day weekend. One of the lakes we like is very far and for just Fri-Sun I don't want to do that drive. I had put in a request for a call back at another lake. Well, I received a call back from the lake this weekend. We've camped at this lake many times but never in this campground. In fact, Lake Rollins is the first lake both my girls ever camped at. Paula was 5 mos old and Shawna was 6 mos old both sleeping in tents.

They had 2 weekends available in July/August. Great campsite with group area, holds 40, we'll have our own dock. Perfect. I made a management decision to book the July weekend. I alerted everyone and 1 family came back saying they'll be in Yosemite that weekend. I think I can move it to the August one as long as no one booked it when she was doing her call backs. I left the gal at the lake a message so we'll see.

Also, I booked the date for our Cabo trip.

I need vacations to look forward to. It gets me thru the months!

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