Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Starting Fresh

I don't know about you all but I keep the same address book for years and years until it's so ratty it's falling apart. Half the people I no longer keep in touch or their info is invalid. I've been wanting to get a new one for years. I finally did last night! I had to hit the store for a 2008 calendar. I went to Barnes and Nobles since it's on my way home. I found the calendar I like which was awesome since they were pretty well picked thru and I got it for 50% off. I like Lang calendars because they use great color and old fashioned pictures of sorts. My January picture is of a horse drawn carriage with what appears to be 5 kids inside. There might be an adult but it's hard to tell.
I found a decent size address book that doesn't appear to be cheaply made. Key for me since I'll have it for like 10 years. I have it at work today filling in some of it but most of that work will need to be done at home. I'm starting off using pencil too. At some point I always use pen. Mostly because up until Paula began learning to write we never had pencils around. Now my house has lots of pencils, although I must say most of them are unsharpened. Not sure why we have so many new pencils but whatever.
Today is Todd's and my anniversary. 9 years. We celebrated last Friday with dinner and movie. He surprised me today by having a rose bouquet sent to my work. Very sweet. He's so good to me. He says he doesn't feel appreciated much of the time. I admit I'm bad at telling HIM I appreciate him, but if you ask my friends at work or outside of work they'll tell you I brag about him all the time with all he does for us. They wish their husbands did half as much as he does. I got a good guy.

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