Monday, January 21, 2008

Busy weekend

This weekend felt and was, very busy.
Saturday morning I signed the girls up for softball. Thankfully Shawna can participate this year. I'm a bit concerned she'll spend too much time playing with the grass and dirt. We'll hope for the best on that one. In the afternoon Paula had to cheer for 4th grade basketball. We played a team I hadn't seen yet. 4th grade basketball has a lot of falling in it. I mean a lot! And I was sitting next to a dad who thru the entire game kept saying "Anthony!, go to the middle. Anthony! Get under the basket for the rebound shot. Anthony! Why did you go over there? Anthony! Just Relax! haha Geez. After the game we got our usual 7-Eleven slurpees. We picked up one for Shawna too. Tyler was at our house so we shared with her. A bit later Todd, Todd, Tyler and Shawna went to the Peppers house while Paula and I attended a 7 yr old birthday party for a classmate.

Every kid in the class was invited. Less than half showed up. I got to meet and talk to a couple moms who I really liked. It was a huge event. Apparently in the Filipino culture, turning 7 is a big deal. There was tons of food. They sent us home with left overs. Yummy. On the way home we drove by the Peppers. I was bummed to see Todd still there with Shawna since it was already 9pm. We stopped and went inside. Long story short, the girls wanted a sleep over and it was decided to have it at our house. Tyler didn't make it 30 min before she got scared and wanted to go home. I have established some new rules that Susan agrees with as far as sleep overs go.
1. A max of 1 sleepover a month. There can be zero, but no more than 1.
2. If Tyler is going to sleep at my house, her mom or dad need to be present until she falls asleep.

Sunday I hung out with Dina and Suzie for a bit then went home and socialized. It was Todd Peppers bday (44 yrs old) so Susan made him dinner at my house with his mom (so fun and cool), mom's friend and us. Later Dina and Suzie came over for dessert and presents.

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day. My girls are out of school today so I stayed home until noon, then Todd came home with Tyler and the girls are playing. It's slow today since many people are off.

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