Friday, January 25, 2008

My Baby turns 5 tomorrow

Since I doubt I'll have a chance to get on here tomorrow or even Sunday I want to do this post today.
On January 26th 2003 (Super Bowl Sunday) my 2nd daughter Shawna Lynn was born. She was about 2.5 weeks early (Thank God because I was soo done being pregnant!) I had just gotten up for the umpteenth time before 5am and waddled to the bathroom. I remember feeling so miserable and uncomfortable. I was huge. I just wanted the pregnancy to be over. I laid back in bed and maybe 10 min later my water broke! Someone was listening!! I went and told Todd who was just getting up to go to work. He said something like "Good timing Hon". I jumped in the shower and he called my parents and his parents. My contractions started while in the shower and got really worse fast. I was already dilated to 2 cm from my last Dr appt so I knew this could be a fast delivery. I managed to dry my hair in pain then had to sit on the couch and direct Todd on what to take. We bundled up a sleepy Paula and drove her to Maureens (her daycare person). I was sweating like crazy and in tons of pain. I had the window down and A/C blasting on the way to the hospital. We went in thru the ER and had to wait a crazy long time before someone came to get me. All I wanted was my Epidural. Once I got into the room they changed me into my gown. I had to use the bathroom. My body was purging my intestines which sucked because I just wanted to lay down and get my epi! Finally I was done and they tried to get the leads on me but I was too sweaty and wet. They decided to wait until my epidural. They checked me and I was dilated to 6! The gal came in saying I was lucky because she was just about to go into a C-section. After my epi they checked me again. I was at 8cm! The doctor was called and in 30 minutes I was at 10 and pushing.
She arrived 2 hours & 45 minutes after my water broke. Quick!! She entered this world 8 lb 5 oz 21 inches long.

Me pregnant with her 1 mos before delivery

Shawna is 1 day old

Shawna is 6 mos old and Paula is 2 yrs old

1 years old

Shawna is 2 years old and Paula is 4

Shawna's 3

4 years old

Shawna in December and almost 5



Laura P said...

awww, so sweet. Happy Birthday girl and MOM! :)

kspt1999 said...

Shawna gives me hope that Rivkah will have some hair at 1 y/o. LOL

She is a beauty!

I don't remember ever seeing a pregnant picture of you (b/c seriously, it was five years ago, so maybe I did).

Happy Birthday to Shawna! Your baby is growing up.

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