Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Princess Leia's in the house

Today Paula gets to be Princess Leia for school. So are several other girls in her class. Her class decided on a Star Wars theme for "theme day" today. I braided her hair on both sides and twisted them into circles. I hope they stay. I'm just not a hair stylist. I've had the same style for years. It just varies in length once in awhile.

Tomorrow she and Shawna get to do "blow your top" day where they can wear a funny hat or funny hair. These themes force me to get out of bed earlier since I have to prep them.

Our dog Rosie has been making it known that she did not appreciated those 2 big dogs in her house Sunday. She has proceeded to mess (poop/pee) in the house since Sunday. I'm hoping she realizes soon the dogs aren't coming back. Belle will eventually come back but not for a long time I think.

Today it's snowing at my parents house! My mom called to say it was snowing and sticking. Very cool. I told her to take pics. They live in the Grass Valley, CA area around 1000 feet elevation so they don't get snow often. Yesterday we had a glorious non rainy day for the first time in awhile. I ran to the Goodwill to drop off some donations, looked inside for shoes for Paula. Didn't find any.

I have an ortho appt today. He has to push some teeth back so I'm sure tonight and tomorrow I'll be in some pain. Lovely. I also spent 2 hours today dealing with insurance for my ortho and an error in billing for Shawna's dentist appt in Nov. They billed Paula instead. Normally I wouldn't care but I just learned today that our insurance (Guardian) has a $1500 lifetime limit per person for ortho. One of the Xrays Shawna had in November was a panoramic and that gets billed thru the ortho area. Paula definitely needs braces someday so I don't want this charge going towards her limit. That and this particular office hasn't seen Paula in over 2 years. She doesn't like them. Only Shawna sees them. I take Paula to mine and Todd's dentist.

Shawna has her 5 yr check up next month. She'll get tons of shots. :0( Poor thing. I'm making Todd take her. Actually I'll probably go too since this is a new office and I want to meet the doctor. But when it comes time to do the shots I'll leave. No sense passing out in there eh?

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