Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Stormy Skies/Trips planned

Last weekend we had some crazy storms in the Bay Area. It even hailed on us on Saturday. Many folks (I believe 300,000) were without power and Tahoe had a levee break that caused some huge flood damage. Overall we had no damage so we lucked out. Today a new storm is kicking in that should last thru Thursday. I've been hoping for some snow on the tops of our hilltops but it hasn't been cold enough. Maybe this week.

Last weekend we de-Christmas'd. Everything is down. We even de-cluttered and got rid of things we don't need/use. It feels good to purge. We had a popcorn maker that we never used, some bowls, pans and other kitchen items that just sat unused. Of course we gave much of it to our friends the Peppers but at least it's not in our house anymore! Todd wanted to sell a stairmaster we bought used in the late 1990's for $600 but when he looked it up that specific one is selling for $80. He doesn't want to sell it for that cheap so I guess it will sit in our garage some more. haha

This past weekend I also finished up Todd's 40th Bday Trailer Trash scrapbook album. It looks pretty good. I started getting burnt out at the end so I embellished less but Todd thinks it looks great so that's what matters. I am so behind in scrapbooking. I have to scrap Shawna from age 1.5 to now! She'll be 5! I do have the 2 Disneyland trips done thanks to the album purcahse feature on dotphoto. I just told them how to place them and typed in my comments. It's more like a picture book than a scrapbook but with the hundreds of pics Todd took I was not going to weed thru them all and them scrap them. I'm way too lazy for that!

As far as work goes, this week at work I'm training someone so that makes my days go by really fast. I also started back to the gym last Thursday. I went last night and I'll go tonight too. I need to lose weight! We have a fitness center downstairs so it's not like getting there is a problem. We have to do our self evaluation for review time too.

Going forward we have some trips planned. In February we're heading camping to New Brighten Beach with friends. I've never been there but I'm told it's right on the beach so the girls will be thrilled. In March after Easter my friend Jenny from childhood who lives in VA is FINALLY getting her butt out here. She and two of her girlfriends are coming out for a week. She'll need some heavy drugs to get her on the plane but I'm sure her friends will prevent her from running away. She's majorly paranoid of flying.
In May us and the Peppers are heading to our timeshare in Maui. We've never been there before since it's brand new and just opened at the end of 2007. I can't wait! My high school class is planning a mini reunion in Vegas for the end of September for our combined 40th Birthdays. That should be fun. Then in October we'll do Cabo again. In between all that will be more camping trips of course. Busy busy busy. Too bad I can't be a professional vacationer! haha

This weekend Todd works and Paula has cheerleading on Saturday. If the weather is nice maybe we'll hit the park with their bikes or scooters.

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