Monday, January 14, 2008

Movie watching weekend

We had the best weather this weekend. Sunny each day and not too cold. After Todd came home he'd take the girls to the school so they could ride their bike and he could fly his plane. They help fly the plane too.
Friday night the Peppers came over. Saturday I sent Shawna to their house while Paula and I went to the basketball game so she could cheer. Afterwards she wanted a slurpee so we did that. Then went to Macy's to return the holiday dresses I bought but didn't choose. We home and Todd showed up so he took the girls to the school. That night we had dinner over there. Todd and Paula walked home with Rosie and I stayed longer w/Shawna. She ended up having a sleep over. Paula was sooo upset on Sunday when she woke up and leared she didn't get to do a sleep over. After she woke up she said she thought she could get her ears pierced. She's been wanting to do that for a year but keeps chickening out. We called Maureen (Their previous daycare provider) to find out where she took her dd. We headed over there but once we got inside the store she was too nervous. I think she needs to be more like 10 yrs old. We'll see.
We collected Shawna, came home and I did more laundry. Paula helped me with that.
Todd came home, steam cleaned the computer room then they all went bike riding and plane flying. I watched some really good movies on HBO this weekend.
1. We Are Marshall - Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox - A true story about a college football team in W. VA who crashed in a plane so everyone died.
2. Music & Lyrics - Cute story with Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore
3. (Can't remember name but I DVR'd it) A boy from L.A. gets transplaned in the snow country with cousin's family and has tons of trouble with the school kids. He's a great roller blader and surfer. It was cute. The girls liked it too.
4. A Good Year - Russell Crowe - his uncle in France dies and he learns of a cousin he never knew he had all on a wine vineyard. It's cute and he plays a fun character

My life isn't all that exciting as you can tell. :0)

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