Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Clothing crisis

Me: Shawna, good girl! You got out of bed all on your own. I'm so proud of you. Give her squeeze, hug and kiss. What do you want to wear today?
Shawna: Something Pretty
Me: here we go again. You have lots of pretty things. Look at all these dresses.
Shawna: I want to wear something of Paula's. Paula has prettier clothes than I do.
Me: That's not true. In fact, most of the clothes in your closet were Paula's. Not sure how that will be taken. Anything you wear makes you pretty Shawna.
Shawna: But you never buy ME anything pretty. You just buy Paula pretty clothes.
Me: That's not true. sigh What about this dress? It's pretty.
Shawna: I want to wear my butterfly dress that I wore yesterday. It's not dirty.
Me: You're not wearing the same thing twice to school. Pick something else.
Shawna: But I can wear it again.
Me: No you can't. We do not wear the same clothes to school 2 days in a row.
Shawna: I want one of the dresses that is downstairs.
Me: Fine, lets go down and see what's there. I know the Hawaii dress is down there. Do you want that one?
Shawna: Looks at the 2 dresses on the couch. I don't want those dresses. She looks in the pile of clean folded clothes that is sitting on the coffee table. I want to wear this shirt with the purple pants. She always wears these 2 items paired.
Me: The pants aren't clean. Pick something else.
Shawna: But you can get them out of the laundry. I can wear them again.
Me: No Shawna. Your not wearing dirty pants. You play hard in your clothes and they need to be cleaned.
Shawna: Then I don't have anything pretty. Starts whining.
Me: You're not being flexible. The word I use a lot when it comes to their clothing. You're telling me that out of all your clothes only 2 are pretty. That's not being flexible Shawna. If you don't pick something soon I'm picking it for you. Walk away toward the laundry room to double check to see if I didn't in fact put the dark purple pants in with the blacks now in the dyer. Didn't. Darn. I can't wait until you're in a uniform next year.
We go upstairs. Look thru the closet again.
Shawna: I don't like anything.
Me: Then this is what your wearing. Go to drawer. Grab khaki pants.
Shawna: Fine. But I want to pick the shirt. Points to a Lacrosse pink shirt in closet.
Me: Fine, lets get this on. We are not being late again because you only want to wear 2 things. shoving her in the clothes at this point because my patience has worn out.
Shawna: Crying. Saying I'm mean.
Me: Now, go in the bathroom and brush your own teeth. I need to get dressed and I'm not helping you do anything else. You do the things you know you need to do. Don't forget to get socks.
Shawna: minutes later...I can't find any socks that match.
Me: Walk into her room calmly. You need to say sorry. Look in her sock drawer and yes, none of the ones left except a couple match. Bad mommy. Where does the 2nd sock end up? Total mystery in my house.
Shawna: Sorry. I want the pink ones with the balls on the end.
Me: Why are you sorry? Putting on the pink socks.
Shawna: For not being more flexible.
Me: Yes, and tonight you're picking your clothes out before bed. We're not doing this again. Your not going on a job interview or to work. Your going to school to play. You do not need to wear fancy clothes.

Later in car on way to school
Shawna: Can we watch a movie? wants dvd turned on in car
Me: No, we only get TV when we've had a good morning with no yelling or crying.
Shawna: But I said sorry, and I'm being good now. Plus we haven't watched TV in a lot of days.
Me: You're right, we haven't watched TV in the car in a lot of days, so if tomorrow we have a good morning you can watch TV. You can not only want to wear 2 things when you go to school 5 days a week Shawna. You have got to be more flexible and wear more things.
Shawna: ok

Until tomorrow............

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