Tuesday, April 15, 2008

softball fun

Just so you know, I don't know why it's underlined. I can't make it go away. Sorry.
So I think I've mentioned that the girls are in girls league softball this year. I wasn't sure how well Shawna would handle it given she's only 5 and it's a 7U (seven and under) team. She's doing great and the coaches let her take small breaks throughout the 1.5 hour practice.

Last year Paula played on this same team but her enthusiasm lacked. She didn't want to run fast thru bases or run hard basically. This year she's doing much better. We basically hand picked our team this year. We have all new coaches (last year's coach didn't impress me much). Shawna adores Brett, one of the dads who coaches. He's really awesome. His family is one who came camping w/us last summer and they're going again in August w/us. Payton, his daughter, is in Paula's class. There are a total of 4 families from the school and then a couple others. I'm the Team Parent for the team. So far I've just had to attend 1 meeting but now I have to hand out stuff and make lists and snack schedules. It should be a piece of cake. As long as I wasn't in charge of the dugout. It's gets crazy in there and I'm happier sitting on my fanny watching the game then keeping 10 little excitable girls in line and cheering.

Pictures from last weeks practice I believe.

Shawna showing her great throwing arm

Paula's technique needs some work but she certainly tries hard.

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