Friday, April 11, 2008

Friday Friday Friday

Various things to blog about.

1. So Frontier airlines filed Chapter 11. They haven't cancelled flights yet but this is again not great news. They're not the airline we picked but "Whoops, there goes another one".

1. Today I had lunch with an ex-coworker. We've known each other for maybe over 10 years but haven't seen each other in 7. She works for one of our competitors now. It was fun to complain about our jobs. The same stuff happens everywhere no matter where you work. I forgot how much fun she is.

3. I'm hoping Todd takes the girls for hair cuts today. Paula's especially gets so tangled being so thick and long. Paula said she'd get layers which would really help the tangle problem. Shawna wants to grow her bangs out so she just needs a 1" trim. Her hair does not tangle since it's very fine and smooth. It's interesting to me how different their hair is.

4. I have my own hair appt tonight. Need to color in the grays. My hairstylist called to say she had an hour open before my appt if I wanted to come in early. I couldn't. She said that's fine, she needs to run some errands. She's out of wine. (she serves me wine while I'm in the spa). I told her to definitely get me my wine! She laughed and called me a bitch. haha We get along very well. She's drop dead gorgeous. Like model gorgeous. I always feel like I can't go in looking dumpy when I see her. Staring at her and then me in the mirror is like a polar opposite. She reminds me of a blond Eva Longoria Parker. She moved my appt to today from next week because next week she's having her boobs fixed. Again. 20 years or so ago she had her boobs done. Of the 5 problems you can have from that, she's had all 5. She's also had at least 5 surgeries to fix the problems. She wants smaller perky boobs now, not stripper boobs like she's got. She also wants silicone instead of the saline she has now. She's the reason I rethink getting a boob job. I'd love one, but I do not want to experience all her problems. She's got money. TONS of money. Her dh is a millionaire. I do not have money. I live check to check. As it is I'm financing my mouth. She drives a $150K convertible 2-door 500 series Mercedes.

5. I'm closer to getting my braces off. The ortho says he's done, the periodontist says the Xray shows there is still enough space between the roots to do the implants, I just need the other dentist (he's in charge of the crowns) to approve the spaces he wanted closed. If I get all 3 to approve I'm scheduled for the surgery on May 25th. I can't drink alcohol a week before the appt so I had to make it after our Maui vacation since I KNOW I'm drinking there. The sheet also said not to drink after surgery for the first few months the implants have to heal. That might be difficult. Did I mention this is costing me a fortune.? omg Insurance really needs to add implants to their dental line. Everything else is covered at least partially like bridges, crowns, fillings, caps. Maybe even dentures. I see the last dr on Monday. If he approves I'll make an appt to have the braces removed. That same day I need to pick up a invisalign type retainer that will have a fake tooth in it. Then 3 days later or so my other retainer will be ready and it will have a tooth on it too. Otherwise I'll be a total hillbilly. In addition dentist #3 has to make a "guide" for Periodontist so he knows where to exactly place the implants. It's basically a retainer also but has holes or something where the implants go. Then the ortho will send over another retainer for the healing process. Oh, and since I'm paying to be totally knocked out for the procedure, I need to have someone drive me to the appt and take me home. If I drive myself, my car is stuck across the bay. Taxi's would be really expensive. The logistics of all this seem a bit daunting now but once it's over I'll be so thrilled.

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