Thursday, April 24, 2008


This is a funny back and forth conversation of sorts with some friends of ours. Our girls all play on the same softball team. The emails started out finalizing our hat purchases for the team. Steve designed our awesome logo. In addition, Brett, Steve and Todd have been busy buying slot machines made by a company called Pachislo for our school festival next month. Steve runs our casino booth. We all 3 now have one in our homes. The guys love them more than the kids. Todd is the nerd of the group with all his wire and electrical knowledge. Not to mention he has a taste for expensive electronics. I want to save this for posterity purposes.

Family Status
Brett and Patty with daughter Payton
Steve and Johna with daughter Lauren *(not mentioned)
Todd and Sandra with daughter Paula

If all of the hat purchasers are OK with the additional logo cost, we should go ahead and make the hat purchase happen. Please email J.D., Greg, or myself if you don’t want a hat given the extra cost. Mine will be used as guilt leverage when she is 17 and wants to go out with a younger version of Steve or Todd. “How could you do this to a dad who has given his whole life for you”. This is when I pull out the hat and start to sob - Brett

Brett,You're brilliant! The visual you painted about sobbing with the [team name] hat in your hand while convincing Payton not to date boys like Steve and Todd was gut-wrenching! I have some other tips my mother used (which obviously didn't work!) if you'd like to hear them some time! Johna

Johna, I am going to put you on next weeks practice schedule. How long do you need to present your “How to control your teenage daughter” seminar. - Brett

I don’t know what’s worse, a teenager dating someone like Todd or having a daughter who’s going to grow up just like him. Here is an email he sent to me this morning about Paula. Can you tell she’s HIS daughter? haha

“Paula said as we were going to bed last night that she needs a Nintendo DS, some other high $$$ super advanced electrical device. And then she said OH, and a Nintendo WI. LOL I was like how do you even know what all that stuff is? Oh kids at school have them. I told her to stay away from them. LOL”

(Brett) That is too funny. I could see Paula’s serious face asking for these items. Very similar to Payton trying to explain to me why she need five more minutes on the Pachislo machine before bed. Todd’s “Super Nerd” status has infected our quiet household J On the positive side, Paula will probably turn that Nintendo into a WIFI device that will perform background checks on her potential dates. On the bad side, she will be able to disable all of Todd’s “Your not sneaking out tonight electronics”. Brett

You have nothing to worry about, she would never fall for a guy like Todd or myself. Well, unless Payton loves slot machines, camping, travel, music, dancing and parties.

Hmmm... Things to ponder Steve

... well she just hit three cherries and the game is blasting!

- Patty :-)

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