Monday, September 29, 2008

Added and Subtracted Wheels

This was a big weekend for wheels. First off, Shawna learned to ride her bike without training wheels! She's 5.5 yrs old and since we live on top of a hill she doesn't get too much practice biking. Paula was the same way and only ditched the training wheels at age 6 during a camping trip. Todd took the girls down to the nearby school. Paula and her friend were teasing Shawna about her training wheels so Shawna insisted Todd remove them. She took to it immediately.

My Big Girl

In addition, the girls got to learn how to skateboard. Todd was a huge skateboarder as a kid. In fact, he has the same skateboard now as he did in high school. The girls took turns playing on it. Todd would push them up our driveway then they'd ride the hill down towards the house on their own. They also practices turning it around.

Behind Paula to the right you can see how the driveway goes up. Todd pushed them to the sidewalk, then they'd ride down into the garage.

We have carpeting in our garage so the girls practiced in there before venturing out to the concrete.

Fun Fun Fun


Kate said...

WTG girls! It's so fun to see them grow up and learn new things.

Sandra said...

Isn't it? Although these pics look more like a photo shoot but they really did have fun playing on the skateboard.