Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Groceries and Grandparents Day

Today I tried out Safeway's grocery shopping online. First time orders get free delivery. Normally Todd shops after work on Thursday's but if this goes well he won't have to do it. I only bought items that were Buy one, Get one Free, and/or Club Card savings items. I'll let you know how it goes. They do put in a blip that my items might not be available so I checked No Exchanges. We have to wait for them from 7-9pm Thursday night. I love getting deliveries and now I get food!

Speaking of deliveries, this Sunday is Grandparents Day. It's not a Hallmark holiday like most of you might think. A lady who worked in a senior center eons ago wanted our grandparents to be honored so she got Pres. Carter to sign this holiday into existance.

I ordered my parents, Todd's parents and my 92 year old Grandma flowers to be delivered to them on Saturday. (No deliveries on Sunday apparently). For once I'm ahead of the game. Score!

Tonight is back to school night at my girls' school. I'll go alone so Todd can watch our kiddos. Normally we'd ask the Peppers to watch them but after the biting incident I'm laying low with them. In fact, I need to remember to tell Todd not to invite them over Friday night like he normally. I think a break is in order.

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