Friday, September 26, 2008

Box Tops

If you have children, you know about box tops. Before kids I didn't understand the whole box top concept. I'd get emails from friends telling me to save cereal box tops. I didn't but just the fact that we were supposed to baffled me.
Box Tops are little pink colored squares on certain products that when you turn them in for your school, the school earns 10 cents for each one. Sometimes products have bonus box tops. I get REALLY excited with those. They're on zip lock bags, cereal, yogurt, nighttime pull-ups, crackers and many other products. Some schools earn upwards to $20K a year! That's not the norm and those schools are usually in rural towns where the entire town participants.

At our school the money has been used for the student council. It's their one and only fundraiser. My goal is to use it for them, and the classrooms. I've volunteered to be the new box top coordinator. (thank you for the applause) Currently the 1st grade teacher (who I ADORE) is their leader, but I can get parent hours for doing this AND I'm motivated AND you know she'd rather not be bothered. LOL

So, onward to my newest mission. Bring on the box tops.

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