Wednesday, September 10, 2008


My dog is pissing me off. Seriously. How difficult is it to walk a few more feet to the dog door to piss and poo OUTSIDE? Today she pee'd and poo'd TWICE downstairs. TWICE people! That totals 4 messes. She's on my last nerve. And it doesn't help that I go around calling her Piece of Shit Dog in front of the girls as I'm cleaning up the messes. Like I even have time in the mornings to clean up dog crap! I considered leaving it for Todd (because I'm evil) but I know better than to do that. He loves animals, and especially dogs, but he didn't want another responsibility added to his plate like cleaning up the dog crap before mowing the lawn. Well, that isn't really a problem since she takes her craps indoors! He and Rosie share a love/hate relationship. Once in awhile you'll catch Todd given her tons of love.

She knows when she's done wrong, don't think she doesn't. She looks at me and crouches down looking pathetic. If I had more time I'd scoop her up, carry her back downstairs (because she's hiding upstairs) shove her nose in it and toss her out back. But generally I don't have time for that on school days so she gets away with it. Little Shit.

Look how innocent she looks with Shawna. It's all an act I tell you.
Yes, that's my leg.

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