Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Killer Hair

Yesterday on the way to school I killed a squirrel. He apparently wanted to commit suicide because he ran out right in front of me so fast there was no chance for me to stop or swerve. I heard him under my tire. Thankfully the girls didn't know what happened. When I looked in my rear view mirror his little lifeless body was laying in the street. So sad. I've had many near misses in my life with rodents who insist on killing themselves in my presence. This is the first time, to my knowledge, that one has succeeded.

My girls have picture day today at school. I was supposed to go meet a customer in the Los Angeles area today but I told my manager a couple weeks ago that today is picture day! No way was I going to let Todd, who couldn't really be home anyway, fix their hair. Scary! Even if my neighbor & friend Dina could stay with us to get them off to school, she doesn't do hair. She's the male version in her lesbian relationship. She does not do hair. She showers and shakes her curls. Done. So I had to miss going on a business trip so that I could get my girls to school looking decent for what will be in the school yearbook and on my mantel.

I'm in the process of booking another December camping trip with friends. We've ditched the Peppers. Our friends (not the Peppers) only want to hang with us. We're trying to decide if we go to Pacifia to a full-hookup RV park that is a glorified parking lot, or head to a KOA, somewhere more expensive and further away. I'm voting for the KOA. Plus we have a family who borrows our tent. Their "lodgers". You can rent Kabins at KOA's which would mean they can come too. I'll continue working on this today.

Oh! And the woman I met in the parking lot yesterday is in fact my new director. So far so good but we've nick named her PMS just in case. Her initials are P.M.

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