Thursday, September 25, 2008

Where did you come from?

Paula, who is in 2nd grade, has to do an oral report based on her ancestry. When did her ancestors come to America? Well, heck if I knew! Not only that but she has to bring something in, or wear clothing, that depicts her ancestors and say what traditions do we continue to do today.
She had to pick one parent to interview. She picked me. It's probably a good thing since I know Todd has no clue about even his own grandparents and I'm not sure his parents would be all that helpful as their memory is fading fast.

So I called my mom. Luckily when my brother was in 4th grade he had to do a family tree and she kept the info her mom gaveher. She had my dad email me the info. Check us out! Her side has been here since the mid 1800's. Now, this is just my moms side of the family. The Italian's and Irish. (bad combination if you know any...very feisty together!) I also have to say that I LOVE having a grandpa with the name Romeo. He's past away now but how much more Italian can you get?! There is actually a living Romeo DeMartini. My 2nd cousin who they call Romi (rome-ee). I'm going to focus on the Italian side of things for her report. She's not supposed to bring in food but I'll find her something else that's Italian for show and tell.

My Mom's side of the family (Italian/Irish)
Paula's great, great, great grandparents
Charles Henry Tilton, born at Meredith, N.H. July 16, 1842
Anna Frances Simon Tilton, born in Alsace-Lorraine, April 15, 1848

William Simpson, born in Ireland
Brigid Fallon Simpson, born in Ireland

Pietro Gombia, born in Carrara, Italy, Nov. 10, 1850
Louisa Cassasa Gombia, born in New York, Dec. 24, 1861

Joseph DeMartini, born in Genoa, Italy
Celestine Arata DeMartini, born in Genoa, Italy

Paula's great, great grandparents
Frederick Albert Tilton, born in San Francisco, July 12, 1879
Agnes Simpson Tilton, born in San Francisco, Dec. 23, 1880

Romeo Anthony DeMartini, born in San Francisco, Sept. 18, 1880
Charlotte Gombia DeMartini, born in San Francisco, Oct. 13, 1884

Paula's great grandparents
Romeo Peter DeMartini, born in San Francisco, Aug. 4, 1906
Frances Tilton DeMartini, born in San Francisco, Oct. 17, 1907

Paula's grandparents
Robert Edward Coker, born in Chicago, Ill. May 2, 1939
Joan Frances DeMartini (Coker), born in Sacramento Ca,, May 24, 1943

My dads side of the family (Scottish/English)
I actually have a ton of info on my dads side of the family but this below tidbit wasn't in the genealogy book my grandmother put together. Below isn't as pretty and laid out as the above.

Paula's Great, great great grandfather
Last name Ritchie, sailed from Scotland by way of Ireland in 1773. He landed in Barnwell, SC and was in the War of 1783. He ended up in Mississippi where he met and married. He had something like 10 kids. No lie.

Every other grandparent was born in Mississippi.
This side of the family was very prolific. Everyone had like 8-10 kids. What's odd is my dad is an only child.

I may edit this to update the names and dates from my book which is at home. I'm at work typing this out.

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