Monday, October 6, 2008

Aye Matey

I don't have anything interesting to report.

We're going to be hopefully renting the studio above our garage for some extra cash. It's only about 200 square feet, but for a single person it's okay. It's like living in a bedroom. It has a kitchenette, full bathroom and lots of windows. It even has a mirrored closet. Key for women. Right now we use it for my parents who come to visit. It's also the "sick room". When one of my kids are sick they sleep in there and I'll sleep in the other bed next to them. I'll miss that. I need my kids close to me when they're sick.

The playroom is now the guest room. I moved out a bunch of unused toys. The used toys and play kitchen are in Shawna's room . Two twin beds can just barely fit in the small guest room, but they fit. And since we have a trundle bed, the 2nd bed will be tucked underneath it most of the time. Todd will paint the studio and hopefully we can find a nice female to live there. With two daughters there is no way we're renting to a male. I realize I can't state that in my ad. Which is annoying by the way.

Tonight is another meeting at school about getting on the grass. I can't recall if I've talked about this or not in my blog, but we have softball fields behind the school that the students don't get to use during school. Parents are trying to change that and I'm on the committee for it. You'd think it would be an easy fix, but nope. Since my kids school is on a busy street where idiot bank robbers like to rob banks on that busy street, the school has to go into lock down while the cops try to locate the idiot bank robber. Once a robber ran thru the school on his way to escape. Nothing bad happened thankfully. But, there has to be a complete safety drill put into place in the case of the children being on the fields, which are located a good distance from the main school. You know, when I was a kid all we worried about were earthquake drills. I can't explain how bad I feel that my kid has to practice lock down drills.

Lastly, Paula gave an oral report today on her ancestors from Italy. Parents were invited to attend so I went to see her. She did a really good job. She was nervous but she spoke clearly, gave all the correct information, and even answered questions well from her classmates. I'm so proud of her.

Picture of the day:

Todd took down all the Halloween stuff to decorate the house. He pulled out his pirate costume and apparently put it on. Paula told him he needs to grow out his beard so he can braid it. He asked me if I could find him some extensions. haha

For those of you who are curious, he and I are getting along well. Pretty much it's been status quo. We're civil, work together and have the kids best interest right now. However, he was very rude at a friends house this past Saturday and I busted him for it. He apologized but he's still an ass. He totally interrupted my story and when I said "wait" he said "No YOU Wait" and talked on. Fucker.

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