Monday, October 20, 2008

Great America

I bet you thought this post was going to be about how great America is didn't you? Nope. Here in the Silicon Valley was have an amusement park called California's Great America. It's had other names like Paramount's Great America and I even think one other. We just call it Great America because who can keep track each time someone else runs the darn place.

We went there this past Saturday. I hadn't been there in 10 years but my girls had been many times with their past daycare person. I didn't realize how done up it is in October for Halloween. Some of the kiddos had their costumes on. Very cute.

This is the double decker carousel. We did both levels. This is the top level.

I was planning on going on this ride but the kid running it miscounted and by the time I got my kids strapped in all the cars were filled.

Shawna my roller coaster queen. She actually went on The Demon with me! It goes upside TWICE! She was supposed to go back and tell Paula if it was scary or not. I told her to be honest. She told Paula it was fun, but it made her stomach hurt and she thought she had a bloody nose when it was over. She really knows how to sell something eh? LOL Paula choose not to go on it.

All of us went on this Dora ride where you pumped a lever to make it go up higher. We sucked. We could barely get the thing up.

Same ride w/ Paula and Todd

Below was the COOLEST thing ever. They had a bubble machine and hay surrounded the area. The kids LOVED this place. We brought their swim suits because we weren't sure if the water area would be open or not. It was closed but they came in handy for this area. Check it out!
My girls heads are in there somewhere.

Miss P

The Shawnanator


This is a Spongebob ride that you get spun around in this boat. I loved it. So did the girls. Todd doesn't do roller coasters or spinny rides so he took all the pictures.

I hate this ride where your dangling by chains. They loved it.

Below is a total toddler ride. Shawna wanted to go on it so Paula did too. Paula was sooo bored. LOL

Having fun Paula?

Yesterday Todd came home from his dads with his old car race track. They cleaned it up and raced cars. That man gets rid of nothing I swear.


Lula! said...

Hello from the East Coast...Southwest Virginia...Lulaville...via SITS!!!!

Enjoying your blog...and now I want to jump in all those bubbles. How FUN!!!!!!!!

Drama queens mum said...

Hi. Cool blog. That park looks fun.

Twenty Four At Heart said...

What a fun day! Those bubbles are awesome! I want to play in the bubbles too!

lynn said...

How fun! I love roller coasters! We have a great America not far from us down in IL, haven't been there in years. Now I have an urge to go! I think it will be closing for the winter soon, sometime after Halloween.

Kelli said...

Looks like a wonderful, fun and exhausting day! I am sure your adorable girls had a blast!!