Tuesday, October 28, 2008

National Household Travel Survey

I'm a sucker sometimes. I know what your thinking. YOU?! A sucker? No way.

It's true. Usually when telemarketers call (or anyone I don't know really) I quickly hang up. I can't even bother to be nice. I just say "Not Interested". Clank.
However, if they're good and doing a survey I can usually be convinced to stay on the phone.

Last week a lady called from the U.S. Department of Transportation. Anything with a title like U.S. Department in it I hesitate to hang up on them. She was asking me questions about our cars, age, simple stuff. Then she suckered me into agreeing to do a National Household Travel Survey where my family and I (yes, even Shawna and Paula must track their travels for a day) recording every where we go & how long it takes.

Yesterday was the day.

There was $2.00 for each of us in the envelopes provided. (I kept all the money. I'm evil like that).

I'm basically calculating it all up today. Thank goodness for Mapquest who can give me the miles per locations. I realize I'm not doing this survey the exact way they want but they're getting their info. Except for times. I'm not sure on exact times but I'm fairly close.

I feel I'm going a good service for my country. Yep, when our transportation departement tells you it takes 45 minutes to go from X to Y you can thank me for that information. (give or take a few minutes).

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