Thursday, October 16, 2008

click click

5am this morning I was sleeping. Rosie is laying in my room. She hears something, leaps up, barking and running to the stairs. Before she even makes it to the stairs I hear the dog door magnets clinking together. clink clink

THE RACCOON! That little sucker was trying to get in my house again but Rosie heard him pop his head in. Some of you may remember how we had a similar visitor many months ago, February's Raccoon. The one I saw last night was much bigger.

Rosie is outside barking like crazy. I open the window on top of the stairs, which looks out to the backyard. I tell Rosie to quiet down, then see the Raccoon run away off my fence and over my neighbors storage area roof, next to my fence, to the house behind and kitty corner to ours.

Rosie was sniffing around like crazy. She knew exactly where it had been. I got her inside and locked the dog door. Crap. I hate having to do that because Rosie already can't manage to do her business outside on a regular basis, if the door is locked for sure she won't. I also don't want a raccoon inside my house.

In other news, last night on my way home from getting my roots done I managed to take a picture of the gorgeous sunset.

Here's me driving. My hair appears more red than it really is. Must be the flash.

Yes, I'm a dork


Mama Mia said...

goregous sunset....

nikkicrumpet said...

Beautiful sunset! I would be freaked out if something was trying to get in my dog door...Yikes I'd be envisioning alien monsters and creepy skinny guys! hmmm maybe that's just me! Thanks for visiting on my SITS day. And Crumpet was glad you enjoyed the ..."cookie"!

Lyn said...

I like the hair!!! Mom and Jim used to have a raccoon that came into the garage through the dog door, ate all the dog food and left. They had to bungee cord the trash can full of dog food closed so it couldn't get in. I think it eventually gave up.