Thursday, October 23, 2008

Note passing

My oldest Paula got busted in class for passing notes to a boy. According to her the boy started it. He would write "write something" and she would pass back a note that said "no". The teacher caught them and gave them a warning. Boy passes a note again saying "Write something" and Paula passed it back writing "No!". Busted again! Now a note comes home to the parents where we must speak to child, sign off on note and give punishment.

Note passing isn't a huge deal, compared to pinching a boy which she did last week. Mental Note: I'll have to ask if this is the same boy. I told her she was losing 30 minutes of TV last night. Her anguish over that punishment was equalled to me pulling out her finger nails one by one. She cried, she begged, NO MOMMY!!!!! Bawling, begging me to stay in the bedroom so we can discuss this more. In the end we forgot and she barely missed 5 minutes.

However, this morning Shawna was being a pest, breathing on her sister. You know how that goes. MOMMY!!! SHAWNA WON'T STOP BREATHING ON ME!!!! I ignored them. I was having major hair issues and couldn't be bothered.

I get downstairs finally where Shawna is crying because Paula threw a brush at her head which whacked her with the hard part. Now I'm pissed. You can yell in our house but you are not allowed to hurt, hit, push, pinch, spit, etc. Now she's lost TV for the entire night. She's barely upset because tonight is hours away right? Wait until tonight. That's when the crying and begging will start. Can't wait.


Nina said...

I have two boys and they are both much younger but you just showed me what I have to look forward to. Thanks!
I have dealt with the no TV crying his head off issue many times. It sucks for everyone.

Found your blog on SITS's.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, man. BEEN THERE. Good luck tonight...

:^) Anna