Monday, October 13, 2008

October Traditions

Ever since Paula was almost 2 years old we've gone to a local pumpkin farm. They're very popular with hay rides, corn maze, and a hay mountain to climb. Sadly, not sure why, but this year they scaled down to just a tiny area. We visited it yesterday where we found 2 pumpkins and took this years pictures. The ones of Shawna from previous years I'm hoping are on our computer at home, but I don't have them on this one.

Here is Paula around 18 months old. I was pregnant with Shawna. 2002

October 2003 - Paula didn't want to stand here and she's slouching down a bit

October 2003 at Perry Farms (Shawna is in the backpack carrier)

October 2003 on our front porch of our old house

Fast forward a few years and Paula's has bypassed 4 feet.

Shawna is at the 4 ft mark for 2008

My mom is here visiting so I'm throwing this picture in that I took last night. They just love their Grandma.


Lyn said...

Is that Perry Farms over at Ardenwood? Matt and I went there last year - good prices!

Sandra said...

Yes, that's the place. They don't have the huge pumpkin farm this year. They only utilize a tiny space next to their market this year. The maze is in a new location too. It's all different this year.