Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hectic Life

You know how some days you just can't pull it together? Like an outfit that you just can't get to look right? Like most people, my life is hectic. I always have a few balls in the air at a time. Below are the things going on lately.

1. Work:
a. I have a new director, PMS, who is changing the way we do things. I'm fine with change as long as it works. She spouts she's not a micro manager but in truth, she is. She's the type of manager who after you have a conversation with her she takes her notebook (or computer) and types out the conversation. Yeah, I had a controller like her at my last job who in the end I called The Devil. To this day, the only person I continue to hate is The Devil. She completely mistreated me and gave me a bad rap. I've tried to forgive but it isn't happening. I'm really hoping PMS does not become The Devil Jr.

b. We're having a major layoff at work coming up. So major that roughly 74o people worldwide will be affected. I've been at my job 9 years. I love this company. Love it. I'm very involved in many aspects of the company. As much as I'd like 9 months or so of severance, I'd hate to lose my job. The job market sucks right now. We can't afford for me not to work. I'm praying I get to keep my job.

c. Take in account A and B and I have no idea what my chances of survival are at work. I'm generally an optimistic person. I know that whatever happens is part of a larger plan.

2. My daughter Paula:
a. She requires ortho work. She's 7.5 yrs old, which is when you should have your children evaluated in that area according to the ortho folks. She requires a Stage 1 plan which will include a palate expander among some other work. $3500 worth to be exact. We have a good benefits plan (although I was just told my company may be trying to save money by changing our benefits package come June) where $1500 for ortho is covered. Still, not a good time for spending money. Yesterday she had the Xrays necessary. All this will be happening in the next month or so. As much as she's asking for ortho, when it comes to actually wearing the device and dealing with the pain and discomfort, I'm not looking forward to that battle. Since she only has one side of her mouth that needs expanding, her retainer expander is removable. Why they can't make a permanent one for one side is beyond me.

b. Paula also has tongue thrust. When she swallows she pushes her tongue up against her front teeth. This act has caused her front teeth to move forward. We have an appointment on Saturday with an Orofacial Myofunctrional Therapist (say that fast 3 times) to evaluate her. How she eats, swallows and speaks will be analyzed. How much will this cost? I have no idea. The first meeting is free.

3. School:
a. I volunteered to the Box Tops coordinator. I have hundreds of tiny itty bitty box tops in my house that I need to bundle into counts of 50 and mail by October 31st at the latest. I haven't even begun to bundle.

b. I'm on a grass committee at school where we meet every Monday night. In the next coming weeks we're having a trial period to get our kids playing on our baseball fields. (long story). In order for this to work we need 5 more parent volunteers for yard duty. May not happen. I have to cover one of those lunch periods since I'm on the committee. That will be a 2 hour lunch including driving time. (See 1 a & B to know this isn't a great idea)

c. I'm on the Grants Committee at school. We're meeting tonight at 7pm. I have to write at least one grant in November.

d. There is no school on Friday. I have to take a PTO day to watch my kids. I'm also watching 3 other kids.

e. For Halloween our kids get to dress up for Halloween for the first time in years at school. Parents were asked to participate in Trunk or Treat. You decorate your trunk and park in the parking lot and the kids come around and collect candy. I have to take a PTO day for that as well. (See 1. A & B to know that taking PTO days right now is not a great idea).

4. Home
1. Sunday I scheduled family portraits at JC Penny for our holiday cards. I still don't know what we're wearing.

2. I received a call from the department of transportation to do a survey next week and record everywhere we drive for a day. They paid me $8.00. Todd is supposed to do it too but I doubt he will.

I'm sure there are more balls in the air but I have to go work and earn my keep.


Kelli said...

Sandra, I so hear you! My prayers go out to you in this overwhelming time. Keep it up and stay strong!
Thanks again for my reward, I just posted my responses.

Jamie said...

Yeah, keep your head up. It always seems things happen all at once. I'm having one of those life moments too where I just feel like I can't keep up. My oldest will also need ortho work soon too, blah...