Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'm such a dork. Today I forgot to bring the turkey we specifically purchased for the food bank. My work collected the frozen poultry and drove them down to the food bank.
I remembered that I'd forgotten to put it in the car when I saw a homeless man walking with all his bags of stuff. Doh! Forgetfulness is common for me if I don't write myself a sticky note by the door.

Also, yesterday I thought my kids had hot lunch, but really it was for today. The office called me to see if anyone could bring them a lunch. Nope. Apparently 2 teachers had to give up their lunches for my children. Another Doh!

I'm on a roll.

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

When I do stuff like this I always get on a roll too. It's like I have a couple days of absentmindedness before I get my act together again. Maybe it's lack of sleep.