Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Story about a part of my past

Today while grocery shopping I ran into an old friend who I worked with approx 18 years ago and hadn't seen for 4 years. Her name is Lisa. The funny thing about bumping into Lisa today is that exactly 4 years ago this week we bumped into each other at a different grocery store. What are the odds?

This is also the week we moved into our current house 4 years ago. I looked awful then and I didn't look so great today either. Pre-shower, that kind of thing. Why OH WHY does that always happen? I ask you. Murphy's Law?! What?

Anyway, 4 years ago she was with her new husband of one year. They've now been married 5 years and have a 2 year old daughter.

Lisa and I have some history. Not your normal history either. When Lisa and I worked together she was married to another guy. We'll call him Sherman. Sherman worked as a correction officer for the county jail. He and other jail officers had Tuesday off so in the summer they'd often go to a local lake to jet ski and water ski with a boat. The company Lisa and I worked for was part-time employees only so she and I would leave around 11:30pm and meet up with the guys. It was FUN! I loved that summer.

Sometime later Lisa and Sherman broke up. She and another of our co-workers named Jill became really close. Jill and I were also friends but not as close and Lisa and I. Jill and Lisa became VERY close. Jill and her husband had separated so Lisa moved in with Jill. Neither were truthful to me while it was happening but they'd become romantic with each other. Yep, you read that right. One night I was at my boyfriends house and Lisa paged me 911. I called back to learn Jill had to go to the ER and Lisa needed to stay with her kids. Turns out Jill had to have an ovary removed that had a grapefruit size cyst attached to it. I was actually Lisa's supervisor at that time too.

My feelings were getting hurt. I didn't understand why I'd been ousted out of the group. I would call them or page them (that was the thing back then) and they wouldn't return my calls.

Lisa and Jill started to fall apart. Lisa moved out. I was back in! Lisa and I started roller blading again and hanging out. Lisa said that Jill was getting obsessed with her. (me not knowing about the sex part) and I was confused because that didn't seem like Jill. Lisa changed jobs and eventually she and I lost touch.

I continued to work with Jill. She and I eventually became best friends. She needed help with her kids when she worked nights. I helped with laundry. I was there A.LOT. Especially when my boyfriend (mentioned above) and I broke up. She was even in my wedding in 1999. Jill is who explained everything to me about Lisa, putting all the pieces together. I was upset at Lisa for leading me to believe that Jill was crazy, when in fact, she was truthfully behaving like a girlfriend would in the same situation. I never got a chance to tell her that.

Jill and Lisa have not spoken since that time. I've forgiven Lisa and so has Jill.

Lisa and her family live near me and I'm exciting to have her over with her daughter. My girls will fawn over a 2 year old girl. My biggest worry, if you know my stupid husband's history, is that Lisa is very pretty & half Asian, (like Susan was). I'm not so worried about Lisa as I am about Todd and having history repeat itself at.all. Lisa is living in a 2 bedroom apartment having sold their house in Livermore and trapped in a lease. They went from a large house to a tiny apartment until February when they buy a house. Hence why I want them to come to my house, not the other way around. I'm going to have to lay the law down for Todd. It's not possible for me only to have ugly or lesbian women over!!!!

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