Thursday, November 13, 2008

PICTURES! Better late than never

I know I owe some pictures. I finally remembered to bring the camera to work. It's the only time I'm on the computer. I hate being on a computer once I get home.

Last night Shawna's school had a sight word event. She had fun. Here she is writing sight words in shaving cream.

She's learned how to make a star the way I do. She practices it all the time right now.

They opened eggs that had letters in them. You had to make the sight word from the letters.

A couple weeks ago I took care of two girls from school. School was closed. There is a girl in 1st grade who people say is Shawna's twin. Here they are together.

Halloween! I know, it's been forever now but here they are.

Miley Cyrus and the Cheetah girl

She was originally going to be Hannah Montana but since she choose not to wear the blond wig, she called herself Miley instead. I'm just glad she wore the outfit I bought her!

Jack Sparrow

The Fam

This was the Trunk Or Treat event at their school. I'm a tarrot card reader. I won COOLEST.

That's it! Until next time. Tahta!

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

I want to play in shaving cream! Really - that looks like so much fun! :)