Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wacky Wednesday

I emailed Jill today. If you read my previous post this will make sense.

I wasn't sure her email was even valid any longer but it was. She emailed me back quickly with xoxo after her name. That made me smile and feel better. I called her and we chatted for a good long time. She filled me on her relationship, her kids and work. I did the same. I sent her Lisa's email so they can get in touch. She and I agreed to get together at her house so I can fill her in on all the crap that's been going on my house. I didn't want to discuss it here at work since I sit in a cubicle.

I always miss her more after we've talked.

Tomorrow we head to my parents house for Turkey Day. My brother is in Oregon hunting geese and duck for the next few days. It's his thing people. Don't ask.

The new tenant moves into our in-law suite this weekend too. That should be interesting.

I probably won't be back online until Monday. Although I'm currently bidding on a Leapster for Shawna on eBay, which ends tomorrow, so I'll need to go on my dads slow as molasses computer to see if I've won.

Happy Thanksgiving

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