Monday, December 1, 2008

December is here!

We had a nice Thanksgiving up at my parents house. We saw deer and turkeys in their yard which is always fun. The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend.

On Black Friday I ventured out to Kmart in Grass Valley. I fully expected huge lines but there were NONE. I found some great door buster items on sale for the girls. All Hannah Montana stuff of course. Getting them from Grandma's to home in the minivan was tricky but we used a big blanket to cover the items. They each get a skateboard and pogo stick. I also got Paula some new bedding since she doesn't want Princess stuff anymore. 8 years old is about age when they're tastes change.

Saturday on our way home we stopped by to visit with my grandmother. She'll be 93 in February. She looks great. Her memory is slipping more and more but it's to be expected. She always gets a kick out of Rosie. The kids and dog attract attention with all the seniors living there. She lives in a assisted living place. We left when it was time for her lunch. They all sit in a large eating room. She sits with 2 other ladies at her table. It's cute. Paula and Shawna helped wheel her in (she had a stroke 2 years ago so her right arm doesn't move and she can't really walk well). She's such a great lady. I love her so much.

Sunday Paula was invited to a play date to go ice skating and to the park so she did that. They also took her to church at night. Todd and Shawna hit the grocery store while I put out my Spode Christmas china. I have way too much. I bought a bunch 2 years ago at Marshall's for cheap. I planned to give them away as gifts, then forgot where I put it all. We found it after Xmas last year so now I need to decide what to do with it all. Plus I get Spode items as gifts from people since the know I collect it. I have tons of bake ware. I'm using some as fruit bowls right now.

Sunday is also the day Megan moved in to the in-law suite over our garage. Her bed is gigantic in that small room.

Overall it was a nice long weekend. This week is mellow. I do have a hair appointment but other than that no plans.

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Lyn said...

I'm glad you got to see your grandma! Mine stayed home in Santa Cruz for Thanksgiving - first year without her, which was weird, but she's 94 and the whole family thing in addition to travel exhausts her. Matt and I are planning to get over there to see her before Christmas. Glad you had a good weekend! xoxox