Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas time surprises

Last night Shawna was sitting in my lap naked on the couch. She likes to snuggle with me before bed time, which is an hour after bath but always refuses to put on jammies until the last minute no matter how freezing she feels. She was in a fetal position on my lap under my Grandmothers handmade afghan and I was snuggling against her and kissing her cheek like I usually do while we watch Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade Cooking.
She turns and looks at me.

Shawna: Mommy, promise me you won't get mad.

Me: What?

Shawna: Promise you won't get mad.

Me: Saying slowly Okay, what happened?

Shawna: I kinda peed in my underwear at school today.

Me: That's okay sweetie. Your only 5 and I know how you have terrible bladder control. Just a little pee is no big deal while at school.

Shawna: I peed in my underwear in the church.

Me: Confused. Why was she in the church on a Wednesday. Why were you in the church?
Oh, the light goes off in my head were you practicing for the Christmas program?

Shawna: Yes and Mrs. G aid took me to the bathroom.

Me: Why couldn't you go potty before you had the accident?

Shawna: I had to go but we were up next to do our song.

Me: Oh, Okay. Next time remember to go before you get into the church. I'm sure Mrs. D teacher tells all the kids to go beforehand. Make sure you go. This child is notorious for saying she doesn't have to pee when 10 minutes later she has to pee.

Shawna: No she doesn't. She never says it.

Me: Yeah right. I bet she does. Just make sure you go beforehand okay?

Shawna: OK.

The kids go off to bed. I'm in Paula's room braiding her wet hair so it will be curly in the morning when she asks:

Paula: Are you and Daddy going to get divorced?

Me: Shit! Why? Who said that? Todd and I have had some big discussions lately and were even considering having him move out after the new year but now we know we can't afford that unless we sell the house.

Paula: No one

Me: Do you know what divorce means?

Paula: Yes, it means someone leaves and lives somewhere else

Me: Not always honey. Thinking we'll have to sell the house in order to separate so we'll both be leaving.

I quickly change the subject.

I go downstairs.

I make their lunches going through their backpacks. Shawna has a huge bag of clothes in hers. Everything except her shirt was soaked!!! Her jumper, underwear, bike shorts, socks! Pee soaked! She didn't just wet her underwear. She soaked everything! It's like she just stood there and peed while singing. I wonder if any got on the carpet in the church. Crap. I'm sure Miss G just LOVED her job that day.

Now I need to wash it all because her other jumper, which I just had hemmed, is now un-hemmed when one of Shawna's classmates noticed a thread hanging and pulled it, causing the hem to fall. Nice.

Grab all items and toss them in the washing machine. Look around, grab anything else that looks like it can be washed together. Turn it on wondering what Shawna wore home from school.

This morning I threw everything in the dryer. Thankfully the jumpers dry fast. I notice on her floor is a very small jumper she borrowed. I'll need to wash everything and return it back to the school.

Shawna: Did you dry my shoes?

Me: Your shoes?!!! Uh, yes. No, I didn't check the shoes. I hope they're dry! They were.

Dang surprises.