Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blogging about nothing or something

I realize my camel post wasn't all it could be. Chalk it up to being lazy and out of ideas. Well, that's not totally true. I have ideas, I'm just too lazy to type them up or choose not to share them. My life is a constant blog idea. With 2 daughters and an idiot husband the ideas are endless. But sometimes putting those ideas into coherent posts is mentally draining.

Right now I'm waiting for my husband to come home from work. I'm off work for 2 weeks due to a work shut-down over the holidays. I'm not a good SAHM. I do much better with adults than I do with children. Even my own children, who I do love and adore and would take a bullet for in a heartbeat, get on my nerves on a regular basis. "Can you" seems to be the foremost thought in their little head. I am asked a zillion times a day "Can you......". I'm to the point where I can't. They need to do more for themselves. And if they can't, then they must not want it very much.

Here is just a few "Can You's I've heard in the last 2 days. Many I've heard more than a dozen times already:
Make me hot chocolate?
Bring me my stuffed animal
Bring me a blanket
Make me something to eat
Help me get dressed
Wipe my butt, I went poo
Wipe my butt, but I didn't go poo
Put Rosie on my lap
Fix me cereal with milk
Fix me cereal without milk
Help me put in my shoes
Tie my shoes
Put some tattoo's on us
Put nail polish on my fingers?
Fix the nail polish, some is coming off
Put on more nail polish again, this one is coming off now
Tell Paula she's in trouble for XYZ
Tell Shawna's she's not allowed to touch my XYZ

Gosh it's fun being at home and not at work where it's quiet!!!

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