Wednesday, December 3, 2008


As follow-up to my Jill post she and I are getting together this Sunday so I can bitch, I mean fill her in all the crap, I mean stuff, in my life this past year. My girls were bummed to know they couldn't join me. They really like Jill. Something to know about Jill is that she takes in strays. Right now she has 4 dogs. 2 are rescued greyhounds, 1 is a whippet and 1 is a stray lab mix that she's fostering. When I met Jill she had a 3 legged cat she'd rescued from the pound, in addition to a rescued greyhound and a 15 year old cat. She also came home one day with a dog she found in the supermarket parking lot. She kept it for weeks until the right family came along to take him. So in my next post about Jill I'll probably have some things to say about life with that many dogs in her small rental house.

Today after school Shawna is going Christmas Caroling with her brownie troop to a senior living place with the 7th grade Girl Scouts. Yesterday they had practice where I was told she didn't look pleased to be there. LOL In fact I think she was bored. Most likely it's because she doesn't know many songs. Plus she doesn't read yet so it's not like she can read the words. I'm hoping she at least smiles at the old folks. Either way the seniors will adore watching the girls.


Kate said...

This whole entry made me chuckle. That's cool you were able to reconnect with Jill.

I bet Shawna troop will be so cute! Yesterday, in front of Walmart, was a little group of kids singing Christmas songs. It was very sweet and festive!

Twenty Four At Heart said...

I bet the old folks will go nuts having the girls show up! What a great thing to do ... even if they don't sing and just look around a lot! Ha!!