Saturday, December 27, 2008

Nobody got black coal

This year Xmas was mellow and much more simple than in previous years. Normally Xmas Eve all of Todd's family comes to my house for dinner and a game of white elephant. This year I did not invite anyone except my parents. At 5pm we went to a children's mass at our church, which was very entertaining. Paula , along with 11 other children, were chosen by the priest to hold up a pole w/a flag with the number 2 on it. The entire church sang "12 Days of Christmas" but certain sections were only supposed to sing their number. It was fun.

Afterwards we came home and nuked up ham, sweet potatoes and rolls. No veggie was in sight but no one cared. I wrapped up all my gifts that day. I went to bed late only to be literally shaken awake at 8am by my 7 year old saying "MOMMY, wake up, it's CHRISTMAS!".

Santa was good to us this year. Paula got her DS lite, Shawna got her Hannah Montana Glammer Kit that she asked for. He also surprised them with matching skate boards and pogo sticks. Shawna also got a VTech game. Shawna said Nobody got coal this year even though Paula wasn't very nice. LOL

At 9:30am we headed to Todd's parents house to meet up w/his family. We had brunch and opened more gifts. The kids made out like bandits again. Todd's dad goes to Costco and buys up random items to fill our stockings. Each family member has a stocking at his house. You get things like pens, post-it notes, tape, batteries, light bulbs, bars of soap. Bulk items from Costco basically. This year he also poured peanuts in the shells into all of our stockings. Scottie, Todd's nephew, wrote on the post-it's things like Kick Me, I'm Gay, etc and stuck the notes to the children's backs as they walked by. It was pretty funny.

We came home and my brother and his wife were here with their Viszla puppy Ella. She's 40 pounds and 7 months old. Very hyper!! Rosie became very nervous and upset. She literally drooled huge amounts all night. It was so sad. The next day she was fine though.
The turkey dinner was awesome!! Everyone loved it.

That night my mom and I sat up until 1am and talked. I filled her in on Todd and I. She was sad to hear it and also surprised. I just felt she needed a heads up in case we do decide to split. Todd and I have been getting along nicely this week. That can change in a heartbeat, we all know that.

Next week I'm taking the girls up to my parents to visit the snow. That's what we do here, VISIT the snow. LOL As it is I'm not sure I have snow boots that fit Paula. She grows so fast and I know she's bigger than last winter.

I'm loving being on vacation. I'm sleeping in until 9am or longer. Of course once Todd goes back to work I won't be able to sleep that late.

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