Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random post

Randon post Tuesday.

1. This weekend Paula was watching a Disney Family channel. There are many Disney channels. Mostly they watch the one that has Hannah Montana on it, but I got them interested in the family channel showing Christmas movies. For a Christmas movie, which should be upbeat, sadly a dog died. Commercials came on asking for money to help save dogs and cats. Paula immediately tells Todd we need to call this number NOW. She was quite concerned. Todd nicely told her it was great she was concerned, but we already gave to animals a couple months ago when we donated a bunch of food for an animal shelter thru the school. Not good enough. She said "Daddy, they take credit cards. Just call them and give them your credit card number." So cute. She would have given them any amount they needed. But damn those commercials.

2. Yesterday Paula came home from school with a letter from an elf named Ariella in Santa's North Pole. Apparently all the 2nd graders received personalized letters mailed by they're special elf's. The elf explained how she's responsible for tracking certain children, she's Paula's elf, how she knows she's been a good girl and to let her know what she wants for Christmas and she'll pass it on to Santa. Paula was thrilled! It was so cute. Even Ariella's picture was on the letter.

3. I get 17 days off work starting Saturday. My work is shutting down for 2 weeks. I know I'm going to go crazy being home all day with my children. Between the fighting, their annoying TV shows, them being bored & my going crazy, I'm hoping we will all surive. Normally we might go camping but given we're trying to save money we're not planning any trips until February. So, send good luck vibes. Better yet, send alcohol and drugs. I'll need them.

4. I weighed myself today for the first time in months. OMG I've gained so much flippin weight. SCARY! I of course knew that I'd gained weight since my pants were no longer fitting and I had to buy larger size pants to go over my larger size butt. But I never had a number for my weight so I was kind of able to stay in a bit of denial as to how bad I might be. Yeah, it's pretty bad. I must must must never open my mouth again and insert food. never ever.

5. It's been raining here the past couple days. We really need rain so I'm fine with it. Yesterday on the way to school the girls and I witnessed a beautiful double rainbow! Sadly, my camera phone doesn't do it justice. The rainbow on the right was much brighter and clearer. As we got closer to school we could see the full arches of both of them. So awesome.

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