Monday, December 8, 2008

Jill Visit

Yesterday I visited with Jill. To update you all, Jill and I have known each other for about 16 years. We met at a previous work place. 11+ years ago her ex-husband helped my husband get the job at the company he still works at today. (Although their doing layoffs as I type this so I'm hoping he still has a job!) She was the matron of honor in my wedding and her daughter was one of my flower girls. We go through long periods where we don't talk, but thankfully we always come back together. I love her.

I was there from 3pm to 10:30pm. I filled her in on my life saga involving my husband, which, most of you usual readers know the basics of, but she and I hadn't really talked in a year and a half so she was way behind. I also told her some stuff about me that went way back to before the Todd days. That kinda surprised her. As much as you might think I'm an open book, I'm really closed lipped when it comes to the aspects of my life I'm not proud of. It's one thing to share with perfect strangers, but telling friends and family causes them to worry, plus I don't want to be judged by my friends or family by what they might consider mistakes I've made or are going to make. At the same time I love them dearly and need their guidance so it's a tough line for me.

She offered great opinions and insight which I really appreciated. She's an awesome friend.

I felt the need to confess to her that I recently tossed out a t-ball baseball card picture I had of her oldest son when he was about 7 (he's 20 now) that just kept popping up in my drawers. She teased me about that! She showed me pics of her daughter now 18. OMG she's gorgeous and so smart. I first met her daughter when she was 2 years old. Her son who is 20. Her youngest son is a mini Jill. It's so wild to see those kids so grown up because when I was hanging around them all the time the older two were in elementary school and the youngest didn't exist yet.

As for the dogs, Fred, her other half, had taken the 2 greyhounds with him on errands so she and I could be alone. Her whippet, Jordy, and her foster dog, Malcolm, stayed with us. I had many noses in my lap or looks that said "please pet me". All the dogs were very sweet. Jordy, however, has a squeaky ball fetish where he squeaked the damn ball non-stop as I was trying to talk. I couldn't think!!!! Finally Jill had to put out of his reach.

There are dog beds everywhere. She has to fill up their two water bowls about 10 times a day. While I was there I filled them up twice. I was told I got the preferred guest treatment as the couch had been uncovered for my visit. The excitement of the night was when one of the greyhounds stole a good chunk of chicken (our dinner) off the counter. Funny stuff.

Below is Jill looking lovely. She's going to hate that I posted this picture but since it's all she gave me it's what I have to show. I'm sending her my blog address after I post this. lol

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Jill said...

Gawd, your friend Jill is HAWT. What a looker. mmm mmm.