Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quick update

I know I haven't been posting like my usual self. I come on here but have nothing to say so I leave. LOL Life at home is fine. We're gearing up for the holiday season so the weekends are all booked as usual. We're going to parties & planning parties.

I'm helping the schools crab feed & auction committee which is new for me. I'm trying to come up with new and exciting ideas to raise money for our school.

Work is okay. They laid off people in my group but now need to hire people. They have me totally working retail ALONE. Not do-able. I'm good but not THAT good. LOL Accounts are going on hold that I have no idea what their issues are because they aren't my account. It's frustrating.

This weekend Todd's sister and her family are coming from Puyallup, WA. We're having Thanksgiving with his side of the family on Saturday. Then, for Thanksgiving weekend we're going up to my parents house for a few days.

That's my exciting life people.

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