Thursday, November 13, 2008


Yesterday was very stressful. My company laid off approx 450 people. In all the layoffs we've had over my 9 years of being here, this is the only one where I was seriously worried. Thankfully I made it. The image I have in my head for this layoff is a chopping block where a knife is going up and down repeatedly and employees have to pass through. My turn happened as the knife was in the up position.

In home news, Todd's overtime has been eliminated completely which affects our income heavily. I had to cancel our cleaning lady. This KILLS me. I work full-time and hate on my only 2 days home to clean bathrooms and the like. My house is fairly huge. I can guarantee you that there will be lots of dust in my home from now on.

Has anyone ever thrown a cleaning party??? You know, similar to a tree trimming party. Maybe I can start one up. I'm happy to provide wine to anyone who cleans my toilets.
If interested apply here.

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