Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Enough with the pencils already

This week I’ve been on after school duty. My husband has to attend some class all week for lean manufacturing. I’m sure you all care. Normally he’s the one who collects them from school since he gets off work much earlier than I do. He goes into work at the butt crack of dawn.

Yesterday Paula, my 8 year old, had an ortho appointment after school. She has a palate expander to fix a cross bite on her right side. She’s had the retainer since January. I’m SO proud of how responsible she’s been with wearing it, brushing it, keeping it in her case when it’s not in her mouth. Not only that, but her teeth have moved significantly since January. The doctor confirmed that fact yesterday.

I left work early yesterday in order to make the ortho appt at 4:45pm. I only notified my manager 10 minutes prior to leaving, which she didn’t appreciate. I actually considered cancelling the appointment so I wouldn’t have to leave early, but work has been bugging the crap out of me lately so I decided I need to get out of there.

We get to the appointment, sit in tiny crowded waiting area, get invited in to see the doctor, get a thumbs up on Paula’s progress, doctor tightens the expander and we’re told to come back in 8 weeks.

Right after this is when my blood pressure starts to rise. We go over to the counter to make the next appointment. This should be totally easy right? Ha!

Me to Appointment Lady: We need to come back in 8 weeks. Appt lady starts looking on computer calendar.

Shawna immediately heads for the free pencils they have on the counter in a cup. “Mama, can I have one of these pencils? They’re free”.

Me: No, you don’t need anymore pencils. Put it back. We have enough pencils in my house to last a couple years. It’s all the rage in birthday goody bags these days to give pencils.

Me to Appt Lady: Same time same channel as far as the appt goes. Trying to be funny. She did smile.

Appt Lady: Gives look like that’s not really going to be possible. Hmm, I’m not sure I have a Wednesday available. Let me see what I do have.

Shawna: Mama, can I have a sticker?

Appt Lady: I have a Monday available.

Shawna: Mama, can I have a sticker? A container of stickers are also sitting on the counter.

Me to Shawna: No

Me to Appt Lady: A Monday? Okay. I guess that will be okay. What day?

Appt Lady: Monday

Shawna to me: Mommy, the stickers are free. Can I have one?

Me to Shawna: Fine. Take a sticker. Geezez Christ child. Can’t you see I’m busy!?

I’m looking in my date book in May waiting for Appt Lady to give me the date.

Me to Appt lady: What day?

Appt Lady: Monday

No shit Sherlock!

Me to Appt Lady: In May? Trying to maintain niceness but really want to smack Appt Lady.

Appt Lady looks apologetic now. June. June 1st.

Shawna: Why can’t I have a pencil? They’re free”

Me: NO! I said what I said. Totally irritated at this point. Go into the waiting room. Both of you.

Me to Appt Lady: That’s fine. I scribble it in my calendar. Shoot, they're actually off school that day for 'Festival Recovery Day'. I start wondering who is going to stay home to watch the girls that day. Crap.

Appt Lady: Would you like an appointment card?

Me: Yes. Let me just get the hell out of here.

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missy said...

stopping by from SITS!!!!!
sounds like me when i am in those kind of situations!!!! grrr!!!!