Thursday, April 16, 2009

Potty Over Here

The woman from the foster dog foundation (they do cats too btw) stopped by quickly last night on her way to a dog training class. I wouldn't call it an interview at all. She looked around, asked me where I would put the crate. She highly recommends crating the new dog at night until we've determined if it will chew my furniture, pee on my carpets and basically just destroy everything I own. She also mentioned how most of the shelter dogs aren't fully potty trained. Lovely. We have a doggy door that leads from the living room to the backyard. She recommended locking "Rental Dog" outside during the day while we're gone. Makes sense. Of course that only works if Rosie can be locked outside as well. Otherwise I have one dog locked inside and another dog locked outside.

She pointed out some wires we'll want to hide or cover up. Todd will Shit bricks if the dog chews up his stereo cords.

She suggested feeding the dogs at different times & locations so there is no competition or fighting. We have retractable gates on the bottom and top of our stairs left over from when the girls were little. She recommended using them to keep Rental Dog downstairs where we can keep an eye on him/her. Rosie can squish underneath them. She flattens out like a rat, it's amazing. Hopefully Rental Dog is fatter.

I really hadn't thought of most of these things. Of course now that she mentions them they all make sense. You don't know where most of these dogs come from. They arrive in a shelter with a past they can't explain. Even if the dogs were potty trained previously, being scared and in a new environment can cause a dog to revert back to messing in the house. Rosie messes in the house more when she's got a bone to pick. Like when we bring over a new dog. Ack!

I remain positive. I know what we're doing is a good thing for one of God's creatures. I'm not only helping the animal, but I'm teaching my children a positive lesson as well. Paula & Shawna were excited we were approved. It's only a matter of time before we're "fitted" with a dog. Stay tuned.


Kate said...

I'm still laughing at your "rental dog" title.

I'm excited to see how this all goes. I've always wondered how one broke into the fostering a shelter/rescue dog arena.

Sandra said...

I'll keep you posted Kate. :0)