Friday, April 3, 2009


It's true. I'm a new auntie obsessed with her new pride and joy niece. Sadly for you folks it's all you get right now.

I went over to my brother's house after work yesterday to visit with them. My mom made her famous "from scratch" lasagna so I didn't want to miss that meal. It had also been a full week since I'd seen Allison so I was dying for some baby love.

Jen, the mom, is doing awesome. She looks a million times better than she did in the hospital. Alan is on easy street. He has a full month off work. My mom is cooking and cleaning. He's only using comp time he's accrued from the police department and even then he'll have more left over when he goes back to work. His job while home is to do "honey do" tasks Jen and my mom listed for him. One of the important things on his list is life insurance. I'm sure you all think I put that one on there, but in fact Jen did. Alan has type 1 diabetes so truly no life insurance company is going to give him life insurance when a medical or physical exam is required. He has some automatic life insurance thru his police department, but he needs much more. There is some round about way in which he might be able to add more $$ on himself so he'll be looking into that in the next month.

I love listening to new baby sounds. My brother was going to change Allison's diaper. Something I had to see with my own two eyes. So I followed him into the nursery with my camera.

Isn't she just the sweetest! I love the vibrating cries she makes. She just didn't like being on the table being messed with by her daddy. Once the task was completed I picked her up and she was fine.

I'm so in love.

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Twenty Four At Heart said...

Oh ... sooooooo precious! I'd be madly in love too. She's like a little angel doll. So sweet!