Monday, April 13, 2009

Vacation should be FUN

My girls are off school this week for Spring Break. Last year Todd and I had planned to do Disneyland during this week off but unfortunately due to finances it's not happening. My girls don't realize they're missing out on Disney. So where are they you ask? Or maybe you didn't but I'm going to tell you anyway.

They're at day camp at the same place Paula went to last summer for summer school. Paula was not pleased. at. all. when I told her she was going to camp. "Vacation should be fun." She says to my mom and I. Camp is not camping. Camp is not watching TV all day long. I do get that a week off school should be exciting for the kids. Unfortunately money is low and I only have so many PTO days (paid time off) to go around. I do not want to sit at home with two girls who will just fight most of the day and have to listen to Hannah Montana type shows all week long. I'll become a clock tower sniper if that happens. In addition, I'm not the type of mom who likes to plan activities with my kids. Okay, I'm fine with planning them, I just don't want to do them. I need Todd around for that kind of stuff.

I explained that Spring Camp is not Summer School so there will be no homework. She didn't buy it.

Shawna on the other hand is excited about day camp. Last summer she had to stay in preschool and didn't get to go to Paula's summer school.

As we walked into the room where you drop off the kids, there was a huge movie screen playing CARS, and two LARGE bouncie slides. You know, the kind they have at birthday parties. Still, Paula was leery. Shawna was ready to go but Paula stayed next to me saying "I love you". She didn't want me to leave her. I'm feeling like a bad mom today so I really hope they have fun.

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