Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Blindness caused by naked lady

The company I work for has a fitness center. It's a really nice state of the art fitness center with all the newest type machines, however, I rarely go in there. For one thing I'm not huge on exercise. For another it's weird for me to see my co-workers in all their sweatiness. I'm also uncomfortable getting undressed in front of my co-workers. I mean, I sit in meetings with these ladies or see them in the hallways. I don't need to know what they look like under their clothes and vise versa.

One day I decided I would work out. It was a rarity, but it happens. I walked into the locker room, turned the corner where I always get changed and practically went blind. Standing there in front of me was a ginormous naked woman. Not naked getting dressed mind you. She was naked doing her hair! Rolls and rolls of her standing there naked while she blew dry her hair.

There are just some things a person shouldn't have to see. Why must I be exposed to that image. It's permanently embedded into my memory now. There really should be locker room rules when it comes to indecent exposure. Like, your only allowed to be completely naked while in the shower or while dressing and only for short moments of time.

I don't mind or even care that she's a large person. I'm happy for her that she's exercising and taking care of herself. I just don't want to see her naked! I mean, I did try to avoid looking at her. But really, it's like a car rash. You can't not look. I had to get just a glimpse to see if it was really real.

I may need therapy from what I saw.

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