Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm hooked

I have discovered the Twilight Series. For any of you readers out there you've probably heard of this book series already. I'm usually late to the scene on most counts. I enjoy books that are part of a series. So when some co-workers were discussing the Twilight Series my interest peaked. I'm an avid reader. When I have a book I'm into, the world stops. Literally. My kids; they don't eat. My laundry; it doesn't get washed. I'm sorry, were you talking? Yep. The world stops.

I know there is a movie based on the first book, but I'm waiting until I'm done with book 4 before I watch it. I already bummed myself out because I saw the DVD cover for the Twilight Movie and the characters don't look anything like what I pictured in my head. My Edward is WAY better looking and less pale. haha

I'm half way through the 3rd book of the series. Only 1.5 more books to go. Maybe afterward some of the chores will actually get done. Or not.


Mouse said...

I've read them all - I enjoyed it.

Lyn said...

I read the first one and immediately thereafter watched the movie. I was disappointed - Bella was way more awkward and hesitant than I expected. Matt, however, really liked it. Good movie, just doesn't live up to the excellence of the book.