Monday, April 20, 2009

In February I took my girls to get their ears pierced. After 6 weeks you're allowed to switch out the earrings but you must wear earrings for 2 years straight in order to prevent the holes from closing. Paula has been dying to get new earrings. She was literally counting down the days when she could switch hers out. For her birthday in March her Aunt Kathy gave her some pretty flower earrings. One day while I wasn't home Todd let her replace them. Everyday since one of those new flower earrings fell out. The back would pop off. Paula would freak and get upset. In fact, I had to give her one of my earring backings because one time her backing fell off at a soccer field. Bye bye backing.

Paula has gobs of money. No lie. I told her if she wanted new earrings she could buy them. I'd take her back to the store she got her ears pierced and she could buy earrings that didn't fall out. She agreed.

Saturday Todd had them all day. They came home with Target bags. Both girls had bought themselves a pack of earrings costing $9.99. There were small round earrings and small flat earrings and huge HOOPS. I'm sorry Todd, but did you not realize that your daughter's are 6 & 8 years old? I rarely wear hoops that large. WTH? I was a bit pissed. First off, for the money they weren't that great, and secondly, they weren't hypo-allergenic or 14kt gold. More than likely the girls will have a reaction. GREAT. He's a man. He has no clue. But why would he go buy them earrings?? You have no idea what they need. They wore him down he said. Whatever. Get a back bone. I do the girly things, you do the boy things.

Paula wants to wear the hoops. Of course you do! Sorry, no can do. Maybe when you're 20 years old. But WHY?!?!?! You're MEAN!!!!!!!.............Whine whine whine. She settles for the smaller earrings. Smart move.

Next comes Shawna. Shawna wants me to remove her earring with tweezers. Huh? She's afraid of it hurting. It will be fine Shawna. Shawna is usually my brave child. I pull the back off. She says I hurt her. How?! I just pulled it off?! She will not let me put an earring back in. Not any kind of earring. All day. Todd tries, I try. Nope. She runs, hides, covers her ears. Great. I explain, Shawna, the hole is going to close. Todd makes light saying she'll just stay a pirate. Excuse me? Do you know I paid $38 for her to get her ears pierced? She's wearing two earrings.

During bath Sunday night they tried to put the original earring back in, but the back of her hole has closed up. It's only been 24 hours! Crap. Finally, I get Todd to hold her still while I delicately put the earring in and push it thru the back. Remember, we're using the piercing earring so the post has a pointy tip. It was definitely closed. She did well, better than we expected actually, but I told her she's not allowed to remove those earrings until she's 8. Eight.

Breathing in and out.

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Nanny Goats In Panties said...

I got my ears pierced when I 10. Immediately after the piercing, I passed out and threw up. Nice, huh? The first time switching out my earrings was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life. I pulled one out, then I couldn't get the new earring in. I was too scared to keep trying and I was too scared to let it close up. I was a mess. Ugh, I'm getting woozy just thinking about it.

And why do you have a snake named snake? Did he(she?) reminded you of a snake or something?


- Margaret